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we are...lol_tehawesome

an icon community

icons of great variety
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[1] CREDIT with use. please. you can credit to lol_tehawesome, or the individual maker of the icon, but please remember to credit.

[2] claim any of these as icons that YOU made, and we will hunt you down and eat your souls. that is theft. we have anger issues. care to try us?

[3] please, comment if you take any. it lets us know which ones people like! we're not going to go hunting for people who use them but haven't commented when they took them, but it would be greatly appreciated.

[4] PLZ 2 B NOT HOTLINKING. like whoa. seriously. that's just as much theft as number 2. do you want us to hunt you down and eat your souls?

[5] unless it is labeled as a base. do not edit these icons.


those of oh_thehumanity and noroi-inu (for we share a computer, graphic-wise XD)


affiliates (if you'd like to affiliate with us, please comment on that post)

tags (to help you find what you want more easily; also, each icon post has a tag of the icon maker, so that if you really like their icons you can just find THEIRS instead of all of them)